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I casi studio della European Farmers Network

Animal welfare concerns are now well recognised by the public, food companies, governments and farmers. However, in many instances, there is no significant volume of alternative supplies of food for consumers to buy. To meet this challenge in a sustainable manner on farms, the most practical solutions will be primarily driven by farmers for farmers.

The European Farmers Network (EFN) was a partnership established between Compassion in World Farming (Compassion) and the FAI (Food Animal Initiative) in 2008-2011. The network brought together a values-driven association of farmers across Europe who believe that higher animal welfare is an essential part of sustainable agriculture.

The focus of the EFN was to bring together farmers who were willing to lead by example, demonstrating solutions to a wide audience.

A number of EFN case studies are available including:

  • Walking free of footrot – Lameness can be time consuming to treat on a case-by-case basis, but a new protocol looks set to offer a practical approach to prevention.
  • Happy Graze – Is monitoring grass growth the key to by-passing rising feed costs?
I casi studio della European Farmers Network

La European Farmers Network ha riunito un insieme di associazioni guidate da un set di valori, in cui il benessere animale è parte integrante del concetto di agricoltura sostenibile. Versione inglese.