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Pubblicato 29.11.11

UK’s public sector awarded for commitment to animal welfare

An afternoon of celebration took place in London yesterday (28th November 2011) as we held our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards for the Public Sector. Over 50 universities…

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Pubblicato 21.10.11

Assegnati i Premi europei Benessere Animale 2011 – Si distinguono grandi aziende italiane

Compassion in World Farming ha assegnato anche quest’anno a Parigi, nella Torre Eiffel, i suoi Premi Benessere Animale 2011 alle aziende europee del settore alimentare che nell’anno in…

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Pubblicato 15.07.11

Waitrose Wins Most Compassionate Supermarket at UK Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards

TV chef and farm animal welfare advocate, Paul Merrett hosted Compassion in World Farming’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards at Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden last night (6th…

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Pubblicato 04.04.11

Launch of the Good Dairy Awards for 2011

Building on the success of the Good Egg and last year’s Good Chicken Awards, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Good Dairy Awards. Fulfilling the…

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Pubblicato 01.04.11

The language of welfare

How would you communicate the benefits of choosing higher welfare in a convincing manner to the average shopper who is bombarded daily with an array of labels, prices…

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