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Compassion launches Good Pig Award

News Section Icon Pubblicato 14/02/2012

2012 sees the launch of our Good Pig Award which will recognise companies that are using or committing to using higher welfare production systems for sows and meat pigs.

There are three types of award available: Good Sow Commendation for addressing sow welfare, Good Pig Commendation for addressing meat pig welfare, and a full Good Pig Award for meeting the criteria for both sows and meat pigs.

Successful applicants must have a current policy, or commitment for their sows and/or meat pigs to apply for an award. The criteria for the award addresses issues of confinement, lack of manipulable materials, tail docking, tooth resection and surgical castration.

Winning an accolade for animal welfare can provide excellent marketing opportunities and have a positive effect on the reputation of your organisation. Sow stalls (also known as gestation crates) will be banned across Europe from 2013, and with consumers increasingly turning to more ethical produce, it makes sense for producers to move to higher welfare farming systems and husbandry in order to stay competitive.

The Good Pig Award forms part of our full suite of Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards including the Good Egg, Good Chicken and Good Dairy Award.

To find out more about the Good Pig Award click here.

To find out what one of our ‘Leadership in Pig Welfare’ award winners – Dent Ltd – is doing to improve the welfare of their sows and finishing pigs take a look at the case study.


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